Monday, March 20, 2017

Cottage Cheese Jello Salad

Happy first day of Spring, everyone!!

We are a house divided when it comes to Spring (actually most seasons, to be honest) - I hate it, Bradley loves it.

That's why we're not gonna talk about it being the first day of Spring today...we're gonna talk about the things we do agree on...FOOD!!!!

Now,I know cottage cheese is also one of those touchy subjects...either people love it, or hate it, and I think there is quite a bit more haters than lovers!!!!

My dad has always loved it, and whereas it's not like my absolute favorite food on earth, I do like it.
However, after I met Bradley, I learned that people who like it, eat it differently.

All my life, it was a sweet side dish. My grandma had a bowl of cottage cheese at the majority of her Sunday dinners, and we either topped it with some strawberry jelly, or sprinkled some white sugar over it. Either way, I loved it! Later on, a friend at our church made this salad, and my dad and I fell in love with it!

All of Bradley's life, it was more of a condiment....for savory dishes only. Beside a pork chop or some chicken, on top of a salad, etc. Is that a southern thing? I had never heard of it before.

I try so hard to think "savory" when I think about cottage cheese now, but I just can't! 
I was SO close to trying it on a salad one day, but I just couldn't not bring myself to do it! It's like putting ketchup on ice cream! That's just not how it works in mind!!!

Thankfully, Bradley doesn't mind too much, and we have easily compromised here...I eat mine with sugar or jelly, and he eats his with whatever he wants! And it totally works!

AND, as a bonus, he ended up loving this salad as much as I do, so there is no compromising needed when it comes to this dish!
Although he thinks it would be best served on a cake (what?!?!?), we both agree that cottage cheese is perfect here!!!


This salad is perfect anytime of day, anytime of year!
It's super simple to whip together, and it makes a lot, which is great!

Creamy, slightly sweet, and the perfect side dish!
I hope you try it out!!!

24 oz. container Cottage Cheese

16 oz. container Whipped Topping
2 boxes of jello, any flavor 
1 (20 oz) can crushed pineapple, do not drain

In a large bowl, mix together cottage cheese, jello and fruit. 

Fold in whipped topping, and gently mix until well combined.
Cover and refrigerate for 1 hour. Enjoy!!!!

-This can easily be made the day before you want it.
-Change this recipe up to suit your tastes! You can't taste the flavor of the jello, so decided which one you want by what color you want your salad to be! 
-We personally like using crushed pineapple, but a can of pineapple chunks works just as well!
-You could replace the pineapple with fruit cocktail, if you wanted!

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