Monday, March 6, 2017

Happy Birthday, Bradley!!!

Yep, that's right, it's my favorite persons birthday! 

Again, this is the first time we get to spend our birthday's together! Last year, at this time, it had been about 2 weeks since we had been together, and about 4 weeks before we would be together again (for something super exciting, as it turned out! But I'll tell you about that later!😉)

But today is officially his Birthday!!!! 
So please join me in wishing 
Mr. Bradley Brazeal 
a huge 

Happy (twenty-something) Birthday!!!!

Goodness, he's so cute!😊😊

There are so many reasons I love him! 
Some of them wouldn't make sense to anyone else, some of them I simply wouldn't tell anyone else (lol), some of them I wouldn't even know how to put into words!!!
But he truly is my everything, and I love everything about him!

We are living proof that God knows exactly what he is doing...I can't imagine spending my life with a more perfect person! It's not that Bradley is always perfect (even though he technically is), but it's that he's SO perfect for me. 
God knew that I would need someone exactly like Bradley! And why He saw fit to allow us to meet, and get married, I will never, ever know, but I will always be extremely grateful!!
I hope that I can even be half as good to him, as he has been to me!

12 random things I love about Bradley:

--I love the way you love me!

--I love the love you have for the Lord!

--I love how you always pick out a hat first, 
and then decide what you're going to wear!

--I love how sensitive and discerning 
you are towards others!

--I love how you put your whole self 
into everything you do!

--I love the way you notice every, single detail 
about everything and everyone!

--I love how thankful and grateful and 
appreciative you are of everything!

--I love how you usually always get a drink of water 
after taking a shower!

--I love how you are not completely OCD, 
but yet you love things to look nice!

--I love how you always yawn after you sneeze!

--I love how, if I pick my outfit first, you always try to wear a tie or shirt or something that coordinates!

--I love all the time and effort and sacrifice 
you put into us!

I love you SO much, Babe!!!
Happy Birthday!


  1. Beautiful ,just love you two and love watching how you let God lead you two, I'm so glad to be able to watch you two grow in love more and more,
    and to know God truly works in lives.

    1. Aw, thank you so much! Thank you for letting me be a part of your family!😊

    2. Happy Birthday Bro-in-law!!!! Hope you have a terrific day!!! I cant be there to tease you about your age, or about pretty much anything else, but next time you're really in for it!!! ;)


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