Monday, October 16, 2017

Are we there yet?

Nope, not yet!

BUT, we are getting close!
Hopefully less than 4 more weeks to go, and we are SO very excited about that!

Weekly OB appointments have started, and everything is still looking good!!!
At last weeks appointment she was head down, 
but she is still moving around constantly, 
so I wouldn't count on her staying there just yet.

I'm still feeling roughly the same.
Some days are good. 
Some days are bad. 
Some days are good and bad!
It just comes and goes and there's no rhyme or reason to any of it!

We still have a love/hate relationship.
Sometimes food sits well, other times it does not.
I can eat one thing one day, and it'll be fine. 
I eat the exact same thing the next day, and, well, it's not fine.

The only thing I have wanted and that always, always makes me feel so much better when I eat it: PICKLES!!!!
The Bread & Butter kind.
Not dill. Not sweet.
Oh goodness, they're so good, and they oddly make me feel better every time I eat them (which is multiple times a day, and ALWAYS before I go to bed).
So weird, I know!

So yeah, mostly consuming pickles and fudge pops right now.

(Sorry to gross you all out!!!)
I sooooo never wanted to be "one of those" but, yeah, I totally get the whole pickles and ice cream thing now. It absolutely makes sense.

The struggle is real, people.

But, anyways..........moving on!!!!!!!!
My bag is mostly packed except for 1 thing (and last minute things).
The diaper bag is packed.
The car seat is ready to go.
Now, we just wait!


Friday, September 29, 2017

Anniversary Trip 2017:

Our first anniversary was so special! 
It's so hard to believe that it's already been a year!

Bradley thought it would be fun to "retrace our steps" so to speak. We met in Maryland, went on our first date, and got married in Maryland. And then went to Gatlinburg on our honeymoon.
I loved the idea, so that's what we did!

We left for Maryland on Saturday, and had a great trip!

Sunday was our official anniversary. We were able to hire a photographer and get some first anniversary pictures. Having them taken literally on our anniversary, was pretty special! 

And it just so happened
there was a baby bump in there too!

(I'll put all of those pictures in a separate post)

When we got back from that, it looked like mom and dad were randomly having a lot of company for a Sunday evening. Turns out they were having a baby shower for us! 
It was so, so sweet, and I had no clue they were doing that!

I'll do a separate post about that too!!

The rest of the week was just really relaxing and so nice!
We hung around mom and dad's house and played with the kids Kaitlyn watches. 
Monday afternoon we went to eat lunch at the little coffee shop where we went on our very first date.

Bradley's Grilled Cheese Panini

My Chicken Salad

It was so fun to go back and reminisce!
And we were both a LOT less nervous this time too!!!
Some how, we don't have any pictures of us on that first date.
We remember what we ate, even where we sat.
He remembers what I was wearing.
Neither of us has a clue as to what we talked about, lol!

On another date we had, we went to the Christmas Shop 
by the lake.
We got some ornaments for our first Christmas tree that we had bought and decorated together while we were dating. 
So we went back last week, and bought some ornaments for our baby girls first Christmas!

And that night, Bradley made dinner for my family!

On Tuesday, we just relaxed and visited with my family.

Wednesday, we left for Gatlinburg. 
Again we had a good, safe trip and checked into our Hotel that evening. 

We had the best room with a very nice view!

Thursday, we walked downtown, 
and had breakfast at the Pancake Pantry.
Hashbrowns, eggs, ham, peppers, onions, was fabulous!

We walked around the Village mostly that day. 
The weather was perfect, and it was nice just to take our time and do whatever we wanted!
We went back to our room for a while and then walked down to a Mexican restaurant later that night.
(Basically, we were there to eat and sleep, and that's exactly what we did!)

This was my grilled chicken with pico de gallo and cheese on top, mixed veggies and refried beans.
Oh, plus the salsa in the background? Best. Salsa. Ever. 
It was so good! Almost to spicy to eat, but we couldn't stop!
Just eat, cough, take a drink, and eat some more!

Bradley's spicy chipotle cream cheese stuffed chicken.
Super spicy as well, but so yummy!

And we finished out the night just walking around. 
Bradley got a snicker's coffee (heaven), and I got some caramel popcorn (baby's choice 😉).

Friday, we went to Paula Deen's restaurant and then walked around the Island.

That evening, we walked around downtown Gatlinburg for a while, 
trying to decide where to eat again!
We ended up going to Johnny Rockets.
I just love that it's like an old time diner!
 I didn't get any pictures of our food, but their burgers and fries are super yummy!!
(FYI: They have gluten-free burger buns)

Ended the night, again, with another snicker's coffee, and sitting by the fountain in the Village.

We didn't have to check out super early on Saturday, 
which was really nice.
So we took our time, and once we checked out, 
we went to Bubba Gumps for lunch.
I totally forgot to take a picture of our food again, 
but as always, it was great!
Bradley got some very spicy Shrimp and Grits, and I got a shrimp salad with raspberries, pears, strawberries and a raspberry vinegrette. It was great!
We didn't want to get home late, so we headed out.
We made it home safe and sound, and so ready to go back again!

It was such a great week, and I'm so thankful that we were able to get away for a little while. 
Just focus on us, and rest and relax. 
I had had a few rough weeks, just not feeling well at all, and somehow, I felt pretty good all week long, and that was such a huge blessing!

I guess from now on, it will be Brazeal, party of 3!

We can't wait!