Sunday, March 26, 2017

And then we decided on Forever!

Hey everyone!! Here is the last of mine and Bradley's story!! Well, dating story anyways! 
I love every detail about our story...the significant, the seemingly less significant...but this part might be my absolute favorite!!

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 And now, on to our engagement!

So, my family was in Virginia on vacation at this time. 
We all arrived at various times throughout the day on Friday.
Mom, Dad and I got up and left early Saturday morning, March 26th, for South Carolina, one year ago today!
We arrived at Bradley's house around noon. I knew that his sister was making this soup sometime that day, but I didn't really know anything else about the whole weekend. Like I said before, Bradley usually took care of that, and he didn't really tell me anything this time, and I didn't ask! 

So we were just sitting around talking and visiting. Looking back now, there are two things that in hindsight, should have told me something! One, mom had randomly asked me what I was going to wear that weekend, several times. And she never does that! Two, I realize now that Bradley was very, unusually quiet. But at the time I didn't notice at all. I was just thrilled to be there with him, and that was all that mattered!

After a while of all of us just sitting around taking, I noticed that he was suddenly really anxious or something, and was wondering why his sister and her family weren't up there yet! I thought it was kind of odd, because I didn't think we were operating on any kind of time-table, so who cares if they weren't there yet! They'll get there when they get there! But whatever! I didn't really think about it too much! Again....story of my life! I was totally oblivious!

So, a little while later, every one was there, and they were getting some of the food ready, and chatting, and things like that. Bradley and I were talking, and I wasn't paying a huge amount of attention to everyone else. During this time, he randomly says that he thought right now would be a good time to talk about the wedding date that we had previously discussed.
Again, I was like, well this is odd! I mean, right now? Some of these people just barely got in the door! I don't think I had even said hello to everyone! And he was like "yeah, I think we should." He seemed so serious about it, so I was just like okay, whatever! At that point, I realized that we were standing with our backs to everyone, and they were all suddenly sitting down and not talking at all! I had no clue what was going on, but I felt like possibly we were just about to make way too big of a deal about this date thing, and I was feeling awkward standing there. I knew he was going to do all the talking anyways (because that's the agreement we have...he's the spokesperson for our club), so I said that I was going to sit down while he did that.

He was like "oh. Ummm, okay," but then asked me to turn my chair a certain way. I never said anything, but in my mind, I was thinking "no problem, except that's sort of away from everyone, but whatever"!
Then he said it AGAIN! I was like, are you kidding me? Now I literally have my back to his sister, who was sitting beside me! I was just like "oh my word! He has lost his mind"!!

All of that ran through my head in a split second. At almost the exact same time, out of the corner of my eye, I saw him start to pull something out of his pocket! Before I knew it, he was already down on one knee! It just totally took my breath away, and I had no clue what to do! I was so happy, but I was shaking like crazy! My brain couldn't decide if I should laugh or cry or what!
Remarkably, I had enough presence of mind to say YES, so that was good, at least, right?!

It wasn't like it shocked me that he did it. I mean, we had been making wedding plans for like 2 months at that point, so I knew it was coming. I just had NO CLUE when! And I'm very much a live-in-the-moment type of person, so I honestly had never really thought about when/where he would do it!

Anyways, it was fabulous, though! I'm very much a home-body, so the fact that he just did it at his house, it was low-key, our families were there, (I had just gotten my nails done, lol!), the ring was gorgeous...everything was perfect!!

The Flowers he got me for that day as well!

Shane and Rina gave us the sweetest engagement present!

Easter Sunday together!

And that's that! From there, we went on to set a date, and plan a wedding!!

So the moral of the story? God is always in control!
And His way is by far, the best way!
And you just never know how He's going to work things out!
Since 2015, "Never say never" became my motto!!!

I hope you enjoyed our story! 
Next up? I'll be sharing our engagement pictures with you! 

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