Saturday, April 1, 2017

Our Engagement Pictures!!!

We were so blessed to have a friend of mine as the photographer for our wedding, PLUS as a huge bonus, engagement pictures as well!! 

It was miracle that it worked out! Bradley and his family were in Maryland visiting for a week. And Bethany just so happened to be up from South Carolina as well, visiting her family in Pennsylvania that very same week! It couldn't have worked out better! 

It was the very beginning of May, so the weather was very touch and and rainy. We managed to get a slight break on the day we had planned for pictures, and it was perfect! It was cool, but not too cold, it wasn't raining and things were relatively dry, but it wasn't too bright either! 
We're so thankful for Bethany helping us, and taking time out of her vacation to do that for us!

So here they are! I hope you enjoy them!!! 


And anyone in the Charleston, SC area in need of a good photographer, check out Bethany's Website HERE!!!

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