Sunday, May 28, 2017

Quick Update:

So, I did not fall off the face of the earth! 


I honestly can't say that I have been busy, necessarily. 

But pre-occupied, maybe? 

We have some exciting news to share......

So as Bradley tells me all the time...I have technically been busy.
Growing a baby takes a lot of work!

But we are SO, SO, SO thankful and so very excited!!! 
We are 16 weeks along, today!

Unfortunately, I have been blessed with 24/7, never-ending morning sickness. Which is why nothing has been happening here. Or anywhere for that matter!
Poor Bradley has done virtually EVERYTHING for weeks and weeks. He seriously is the best!

Close up screens (my phone, iPad, computer, etc.) make me feel motion sick, so that's another reason I have not been posting anything.
Plus the fact, again, I'm not doing anything, cooking anything....psh, I'm barely even eating anything!

But I hope you will bare with me!
I've been told that I should feel better soon, so please send lots of prayers that happens any day now!!

I will hopefully at least be posting pregnancy updates, as I can, and hopefully more things in the future!

Here's a brief summary for you!

14 Weeks

(Please excuse the hair, the mess in the room, etc. It's my life right now)

-Not sure if it's actually a little bump, or my imagination, but we're just going with it right now!
I'm still wearing all my regular clothes, and they fit pretty well. Skirts and things are not tight, but the bands touching my stomach drive crazy. 
-I've been so sick, that I've not had too many cravings yet. And the cravings I do have, and what sounds good, are so weird and random, so I hope you don't get sick just reading this!
They also don't necessarily last all week. It might be great on Tuesday, but I can't look at it on Wednesday.
This week, what sounded good was:
Puff'n popcorn
Peppermint tea
Butter toast
Garlic toast
Plain toast
Basically, any bread! I just needed BREAD!
However, it could not be in a sandwich form. Oh no. Nothing all squished together like that. Yuck. Must be separate.
Except for a Cheeseburger! Thank you, Ruby Tuesdays, for having gluten-free buns!!!
Also, randomly had baked beans one day that had to have been sent straight from heaven. So good.
That week I also had the best taco in my life.
(how is it, that a taco can taste fabulous, but I MUST eat my BLT sandwich un-assembled?)
I can handle some fruit, occasionally. 
Vegetables and meat are my worst enemy.
I feel thirsty all the time, but water and most fluids, for that matter, don't sit very well, if I drink more than an ounce or so at a time.

15 Weeks
Annnnnd the bump looks even smaller this week!
It does shrink sometimes, though. It's bigger and smaller throughout the day.
Plus, it depends on what I ate, and whether it stayed down or not.

According to my doctor, this week, we finally made it to the second trimester 
(that varies between 12 and 16 weeks, depending on who you ask). 
Morning sickness should subside now, and I will feel halfway back to normal.




Nothing is happening.

-Always, always tired. And this has also been since the very beginning. I honestly lay around most of the time, because I'm too nauseous to do anything else, and I'm just so tired. I will fall asleep during the day, at least one time. Then there is the after dinner/pre-bedtime nap. Then I go to bed. How crazy!

-Cravings this week were about the same as last week:
-I was promised Tacos after church on Sunday, so I WAS going to church, no matter what.
- No sandwiches, but any other form of bread was perfect! 
Until Wednesday. Haven't been able to eat but a slice or two since then.
-Blueberry Muffins....they sounded and smelled better than they tasted.
-More Puff'n Corn, please! (I used to hate this stuff)
-I could totally go for a brownie
-And some caffeine free Coke (I don't even like Coke)
-DO NOT even talk about a salad. Gross.
-OR meat. It has to be hidden in something for me to eat it.
-And lets just avoid peanut butter at all costs 
(this breaks my poor little heart. PB and I were very best of friends. 
"I'll be back, PB!! Don't you worry!")
-And the sweetest man on earth made me Chicken Noodle Soup one day! Pure bliss! That tasted fabulous!

So, as you can see, I'm leading a completely lazy, and relatively unhealthy life at the moment.
The craving for meat and vegetables, and the shunning of carbs and sugar, can come any day now!!
But so far, technically I'm doing fine, and the baby is doing great!

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