Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Gender Reveal!!!

We are SUPER, DUPER, thrilled, and excited to announce, that we are having a.....


(This post is pretty late, and probably everyone already knows by now, but oh well!!!)

I think Bradley was pretty sure the ultrasound day was never going to come! He wanted to know SO bad!!
Honestly, we were both very shocked it was a girl. For some reason, we both thought it was a boy, and neither of us have any clue why we thought that!!
It wasn't like we wanted a boy and not a girl or anything. We would have been thrilled, no matter what!
And we definitely were!!!

It was so very special to me, because my mom and 3 of my sisters drove down just to go with us to the appointment. Bradley's mom was also able to be there, so it was just a wonderful moment made even better, because of family!

Heading into the Doctor's Office!

She's already like her daddy....SO not a morning person, and the tech was having a hard time getting her to move around enough to see her face!
She's also like mommy, and LOVES to sleep with her hands over her face, evidently!!

I was so sad at first, because when we got there, they told us only three people, including the daddy, could be back in the room with me. I had wanted my sisters there, but they said there wasn't enough room. But there was tons of room, and mom told the tech that they were sisters who drove 500+ miles to be with me today. Thankfully, I think we got the sweetest tech in the world, and she let the girls come right back!!!

(We all totally forgot to take a picture with all of us, so I have no picture of our moms being there, which makes me super upset. But they were there!!!)

We were planning on doing a gender reveal party with the rest of Bradley's family, but there was a death in my family that weekend, so we had to change plans, and I actually went back to Maryland with mom and the girls immediately after the doctors appointment, for the funeral.
But it probably worked out for the best, because I don't think Bradley would have been able to keep it a secret for even one day! About an hour after the appointment, he had already told like 14 people!!
But I have to admit that I would have had a hard time too!

So it's all things pink now, and we couldn't be happier!!!
It's been so fun working on baby registries, thinking about the nursery, and looking through baby clothes at the store!

Little Miss already has her daddy wrapped tightly around her finger!
He just wants to buy stuff for her all the time!!
He's so sweet, and he's going to be such a great dad!

"Mommy and Daddy can not wait to meet you, little girl!!!!"

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