Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Younique Make-Up Party!

Hey Everyone!!

I would like to introduce you to a company that I love!

Younique Makeup

Now, I am not in to name brand products, simply because of the name. I don't care who sells it, if it's not a good product or I just don't like it, then I'm not going to buy it.

I was introduced to Younique through a girl that I used to work for. At the time, I had just bought my wedding dress. It had a scoop neck in the back, which was beautiful, but put me in a little bit of a dilemma....I normally just wore regular t-shirts all the time, I spent a lot of time outside, and I have very short hair. So it boiled down to the fact that I had a bad tan line across the back of my neck, and I really just didn't want that on my wedding day!
 I was looking through a Younique catalog, and saw their tanning lotions. I was afraid of tanning lotions, because I have seen so many of them go soooo wrong...very streaky, too orange, etc. I was fairly on the desperate side of things, though, and completely unwilling to go and get a fake tan (horror stories galore), so I decided to give it a try. I got the the Beachfront Bronzer, and the Self-Tanning body spray. I was so scared to try them, but me and my sisters all ended up falling in love with both of them!!!! There is a difference between them:
The Self-Tanning Spray (which also comes in a lotion form) is more permanent, in the fact that it will last on your skin for up to a week, even after showering. Plus, it will not rub off onto your clothes - I tested it out on several things, and even my stark-white wedding dress stayed perfectly white. The more you put on, the tan just builds. BUT, it's also like it is transparent as well. Me and my sisters all have a slightly different complexion and skin-tone, so you would think that it would be too light on one of us, and way too dark on another. But it was perfect for all of us!
The Bronzer was the same way, although there are two color options to choose from. However, it is more temporary, and will wash off in the shower. If it is not allowed time to thoroughly dry, it may come off slightly on your clothes, but not very bad at all, and it washes right out. Interestingly enough, though, if you walk through the rain, it will not come off. It literally has to have soap and water, not just water. Both products are easy to put on, and do not streak if you follow a few simple steps.

So after those products had built up my confidence in the company, I tried the Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation next. I LOVE it!! I have never used a foundation that I was 100% satisfied with, until now. It's a liquid that dries to a powder finish, so it feels amazing! And you don't even feel like you're wearing makeup during the day, because it's so light. But at the same time it has great coverage.
I also love their Royalty Shine Cleansing Cloths (for removing my makeup), Spurge Cream Eye Shadow, and the liquid foundation makeup brush (all of their brushes are amazing), just to name a few things!

Anyways, I have a party going on right now, and it will be open through February 9th, if anyone would like to check it out!!

Click on the link below, and select the button that says "shop through this party."


You can purchase right from the site, and it will be shipped directly to you, so there is no waiting for me to order it, and get it to you! There is also no limit on the amount of times you can order during a party!

Please contact me via my email at: karissajoy3@gmail.com to let me know if you are interested in hosting your own on-line party, or if you have any questions about any of the products! I would love to help!!!!

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